Poems, Short stories & Chapbooks

Publication History for individual poems, short stories and chapbooks. Unless noted, the rest are poems:

“Death, Wildlife and Taxes” Descant: Summer and Smoke, the Search for Values, Issue 149, 2010.

“Dinner Theatre,” CV2: The Canadian Journal of Poetry and Critical Writing, Spring 2010

“They Huddle on My Lawn” and “Ligament Issues” Rampike, Cultural Mischief, Vol. 19/No. 2, Summer, 2010, ed. Karl E. Jirgens

“A Garden in Grosse Pointe” Existere, Vol. 29, Issue 2, Spring/ Summer 2010

“Film Noir” Matrix, Anxiety! Issue #82, Spring 2009, eds. Mikhail Iossel & John Goldbach

“Canada’s Most Memorable Poems: The LRC Contributors’ List, Part Two. A short critique of A. F. Mortiz’ “The Chinese Writing Academy” Vol. 16, May 2008

“Requiem to a Marriage” The Literary Review of Canada, 2007, ed. Molly Peacock

“Love Deconstructed,” and “Between the Sheets,” Strong Words, Year Two, An Anthology, June 2007

“Painting Lessons” (short story) Strong Words, Year Two, An Anthology, June 2007

“Leonard Cohen, He’s My Man,” (short story) Moosecall #4: Premium Cut (Moosemeat Writing Group, 2007), ed. Heather Wood, Spring, 2007

“The Closet” (short story) In the Dark (Tightrope Books, 2006), ed. Halli Villegas

“Sex is the Litmus Test,” (short story) Moosecall #3: Big Game, Small Stories, ed. Heather Wood, Spring 2006

“Lacanian Theory with my Wine” (short story) NoD 2, ed. Colin Martin, University of Calgary’s Creative Writing Journal, Winter 2006

“An Urban Myth” (short story) Litbits, November, 2005

“How Do You Spell Love” Kiss Machine, No. 10, the Disposable Issue, 2005

“Five Dollar Discount, Ft. Lauderdale Style” (short story) Moosecall #2: 10 Pounds in the Freezer, ed. Heather Wood, June 2005

“Going the Distance” (short story) Moosecall #1: Mating in the Bleak City/ Romance in the Urban Wilderness, ed. Kris Westerlaken, June, 2004

“The Decline of Modern Conversation,” and “Three Bodies,” in Toronto Word Exchange, ed. Wanda O’Connor (a poetry anthology compiled for the Toronto/Ottawa Word Exchange held in Ottawa, Ontario, Sept. 11 2004)

“Twelve Reasons George Bush is Nothing Like George Burns” My Lump in the Bed: Love poems for George W. Bush, ed. Stuart Ross, (Dwarf Puppets on Parade, a Division of Proper Tales Press) 2004

“A few terminal d’s” Word: Toronto Literary Calendar, ed. Maria Erskine, Vol. 10, Number 1, January 2004 [Honourable Mention in Word 2004 Literary Contest]

“A Few Terminal D’s” reprinted online in ChiZine, April 2004

“Trophy Poets” and “House of Cards” Existere, co-eds. Jacob Scheier, Jonathon Hedderwick, Vol. 24, No. 1, March 2004 “Ode to the Younger Man” Labour of Love, ed. Norman Critsofoli, Toronto, Vol. 21, December 2003

“The Pear” Surface and Symbol, ed. Andrea Raymond, Scarborough, Volume 15, Number 7, September 2003

“High-heeled in Amsterdam” Labour of Love, ed. Norman Cristofoli, Toronto, Volume 20, Spring 2003

“Sleight of hand” first person in The Annex Echo, Toronto, ed. Lauren Carter, Volume 9, Issue 4, April/May 2003

The Old Abandonment [poetry chapbook, ed. Paul Vermeersch, Toronto: believe your own press, March 2003]

Vulnerable Positions [poetry chapbook, ed. Ray Hsu, Toronto: believe your own press, February 2002; second printing, June 2003]

“Singing in the Rain” Just Us Press, ed. Susan Manchester, Toronto, Issue 4, Spring 2002

“Let’s Give Hedonism a Chance” The Blurred Blue Tattoo of the Instant Anthology: Toronto Small Press Book Fair, eds. Judy MacDonald, Nathaniel G. Moore, R.M. Vaughan, Fall 2002

“Closed Bells” The Incredible Journey of the Instant Anthology: Toronto Small Press Fair, eds. Patty Archer, Kevin Connolly, Fall 2001

“Animal Passion” Pan del Muerto, Toronto, Volume 7, Fall 2000

“Klezmer Music on Christmas Eve” Taddle Creek Magazine, ed. Conan Tobias, Toronto, Volume III, No. 1, Dec. 1999

“Got to Market Myself” Alpha Beat Soup, ed. Dave Christy, New Hope, P.A., May 1999

“L’amour, the language of love” Algonquin Square Table Anthology, ed. Carleton Wilson, Toronto: Coach House Printing, Spring 1999

“This is My Beer Commercial” Eye weekly, Toronto, Vol. 7, Issue 44, 1998

“Eating Eggs” Defiance! London, Ontario, Harmonia Press, Vol. 1, No. 2, 1997

“Screen Vixen” the blue ruin, ed. Karen Chow, University of Alberta, Issue No.1, September 1996

Editorial/Publishing Work

Editor, Pheobe Tsang, Contents of a Mermaid’s Purse, Tightrope Books, 2009

Co-edited with Alex Boyd, I.V. Lounge Nights, (Tightrope Books, 2008)

Co-edited with Halli Villegas, the anthology In the Dark, Stories from the Supernatural (Tightrope Books, October 2006)

Co-edited with Halli Villegas, Ian Burgham’s The Stone Skippers (Tightrope Books, May, 2007)

Editor, Sandra Kasturi’s The Animal Bridegroon, (Tightrope Books, June 2007)

Freelance editor/ proofreader for James Lorimer & Co. Ltd., edited/proofed over fifty books [2000 to 2004]

Final edit for Artist on Fire; The Life of Joyce Weiland by Jane Lind [biography, Toronto: James Lorimer & Co. Ltd., 2002 [Winner of a 2002 Toronto Book Award]


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