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After a 7 month hiatus, "In Other Words" is happy to be back on air, live every Tuesday at 2 p.m. Myna's time slot is the second Tuesday of every month. Heather J. Wood was her first guest back, Oct. 13, 2009, and we discussed Wood's novel Fortune Cookie. Myna's next show will be November 10th, 2 p.m. Guest TBA. To tune in, go to and click "listen live." There are frequent give-aways of books by phoning in and answering a simple skill-testing question.

CKLN FM RadioAs many of you know, I program and host a radio show at 2 p.m. on the second Tuesday of every month. "In Other Words" airs every Tuesday with alternating hosts. The show is part of Ryerson's community radio station, CKLN 88.1fm ( located at 55 Gould St., Toronto. I feature poets, short story writers and novelists, playwrights, and even a few screenwriters thrown in for good measure.

I've attached a list below of some of the amazing writers I've featured on my show. We have long, luxurious discussions about writing, creativity, and the business of publishing; I don't think you can get this kind of programming anywhere else!

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myna and stacey may fowles

Previous Guests:

  • Brett Savory
  • Robert Boyczuk
  • David Nickle
  • Gord Zajac
  • Souvankham Thammavongsa
  • Jason Dennie
  • Rob McLennan
  • David McGimpsey
  • Darren O'Donnell
  • Dennis E. Bolen
  • Ray Hsu
  • Paul Vermeersch
  • Halli Villegas
  • Priscilla Uppal
  • Sherwin Tija
  • Nik Beat
  • David McGimpsey
  • Vicki Delany
  • James Hurst
  • Shelley Scarrow
  • Evie Christie
  • John Calabro
  • Emily Pohl-Weary
  • Margaret Christakos
  • Heather Wood
  • Edward Brown
  • Phlip Arima
  • Stan Rogal
  • Brett Alexander Savory
  • A. F. Moritz
  • Alex Boyd
  • Molly Peacock
  • Chris Eaton
  • Elana Wolff
  • Blaise Moritz
  • Roseanne Carrera
  • Ian Burgham
  • Luciano Iacobelli
  • Allan Briesmaster
  • Zoë Gale Garnett
  • Andrew Daley
  • David Silverberg
  • Mary Lou Dickinson
  • Sandra Kasturi
  • David Clink
  • Rob Mclennan
  • Jacob Scheier
  • Stacey May Fowles
  • Heather J. Wood
  • Catherine Graham


To Myna Wallin, Host- In Other Words. CKLN
Re: Interview with Molly Peacock.

After listening with great pleasure, I called you folks after -unintentionally during as well- your show to let you know I had very much enjoyed listening, and wished to compliment Myna on a terrific interview. I wanted to convey what a pleasure it was to listen to such interesting stories, experiences, points of view as Molly and Myna discussed.

I was taken early in the interview by Molly's discussion about her family situation growing up, and its effect on her to seek and put great value on the "real"- an experience many of us can relate to. Molly's comments on her facility with the different forms of poetic expression she employs - her "tools" - great, to her description of the relationships, her own evolving personal perspectives that lead her to perform her own poetry and The Vagina Monologues, performing where other writers had declined, was wonderful. Her comments about having to narrow her creative forms as she grew up to focus on one, I relayed to my daughter... I felt like I was being treated to very personal stories that illuminated both personal facets of an interesting person/life and also many areas of poetry, performance, and the creative process... Molly's reading of "The Fare" hit home, both her "theatrical" reading, unique perspective and its personal story...

Myna's enjoyment of and respect for her guest, and the obvious enjoyment they had sharing ideas was infectious. Her pleased reaction that they could continue talking, as the next show's host was delayed, was an added pleasure.

From the insight and understanding of Myna's questions I guessed that she also is an artist. Interesting approach...her discussion/question re how being more experienced as a poet affects how her guest approaches writing, among others made for an engaging, delightful listen. Great hosting and great radio!

In addition I'd like to thank Molly for her book of poetry. I look forward to dropping by to pick it up, I'm sure both my daughter and I will enjoy it.

Thanks, Doug Barrett
Oct. 20, 2006

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